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Since 2005, CS Moldes is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of moulds for demanding industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Cosmetics, Electrical, Medical and Pharmaceutical.

We privilege communication and proximity to our customers, offering the best solutions in the realization of each project.

We place the utmost rigor and technology in each stage of the process, optimizing the efficiency of our working methods and emphasizing continuous improvement.

A specialized young and dynamic technical team combined with commitment to quality and meeting deadlines make CS Moldes  a partner with national and international recognition.

Quality policy
In a daily professional reality so demanding with constant change and updates, CS Moldes wants to be innovative, with a high level of efficiency and comply with all applicable requirements.
Thus, faces the Quality Policy as a company philosophy that is based on three fundamental principles:
    - Team of highly competent professionals and committed to a single goal: Meet the needs and expectations of customers and get their satisfaction.
    - Continuous improvement of the organization, processes and products, believing: It’s possible to always do better.
    - Involvement and commitment of all employees. Be faithful to the motto: Unity is strength and we believe that with talent we can be good, but with teamwork and intelligence we can be excellent!


CS Moldes has the latest CAD / CAM systems, using CREO software, ZW CAD, HyperCAD and Hypermill .

Equipped with high-precision and high-speed machinery, regularly updated and maintained, combined with the constant self-control ensures accuracy and quality of the final product.

CS Moulds has been highlighted the production of technical moulds up to 2000 kg, with dimensions of 600x600mm, for plastic injection parts according to international standards.

Type of Moulds:

Type of Moulds:

- 1K – mono e multi cavities
- 2K – transfer and rotation
- Moulds with automatic unscrewing
- Overmolding moulds (metallic inserts)
- Collapsible cores moulds



- Aeronautics
- Automotive
- Cosmetics
- Electric
- Medical/Pharmaceutical
- Telecommunications
- Packaging



- Product Engineering
- Mould flow studies 
- Prototyping 
- Pre-series production
- Metrology
- Control gauges
- Moulds maintenance and repairs



CS Moldes offers a complete service, from the design phase, manufacturing, moulds optimization to after-sales services.


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CS Moldes, S.U. Lda

Rua José Alves Júnior, N.º120

2430-076 Marinha Grande

​+351 244 542 397


-8.90437 ; 39.74069

General Manager:
Carlos Silva



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